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17-Jan-2019 04:28

SEATTLE — The man accused of killing and dismembering a woman in her Renton home and dumping her body parts in Seattle recycling bins pleaded guilty to all charges Monday morning.

Prosecutors recommended John Charlton be sentenced to 333 months – 27 years, nine months – for first-degree murder and theft of a murder vehicle in the death of Ingrid Lyne. Prosectuors said Charlton dismembered Lyne, whom he’d recently started dating, in the bathtub of her home, and then drove her body parts to Seattle.

Named to celebrate the West African Mansa (king of kings) of the Mali Empire, who rescued the Griot -- his people's storyteller and tribal historian -- Festival Sundiata is a powerful representation of diverse cultural traditions, kept vibrant and current through dynamic creative expression. Bassets march down the street (and their people, too). Hula hounds, Basset butterflies, jester dogs and more join the parade. And there you have it, folks, Woodinville's Basset Bash & Brigade. The rules say exhibitors may enter one item in each division.

Music, visual art (including a children's exhibit depicting the Griot), hands-on children's activities and the UJAAMA cooperative marketplace with crafts and imported items, create a collective and comprehensive picture of the African and African-American journey. Examples of the divisions are finished or natural driftwood, carvings on driftwood and floral arrangements on driftwood.

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Marks, whose practice spans a variety of mediums including painting, …

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